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Reutech Radar Systems is committed to the environment and is therefore pursuing ISO 14001:2015 compliance.

Our Environmental Policy

Reutech Radar Systems (RRS) is a division of Reutech (Pty) Ltd and is situated in the Stellenbosch Winelands district - an environmentally sensitive area, with a rich historical background and frequented by tourists throughout the year.

Our Environmental Management System (EMS) ensures that the scope of our business, the design, development, manufacturing and support of electronic and renewable energy products and systems, is executed with minimum impact on the environment.

We will endeavour to identify all the aspects of our operations that impact on our environment and will minimize the impact thereof on both the environment and its community.

Our commitment includes:

  • Continuous improvement of our EMS, the prevention of pollution and minimizing of waste generation.
  • Recognition of compliance with applicable environmental legislation and other requirements to which our company subscribes that relate to its environmental aspects.
  • The education and training of our employees in environmental issues and the environmental effects of their activities.
  • Regular monitoring of our progress and annual review of environmental performance.
  • Communication of our commitment to persons working for or on behalf of our company.
  • A formally documented, implemented and well maintained EMS and a policy, both compliant with ISO 14001, that is available to the public.

Governance.The EMS is managed by the RRS EMS Compliance Committee that is formally appointed and will meet on a regular basis (at least quarterly). Annual feedback is given to management during the Management Review.

Revision.The Policy is reviewed annually during the management review or in the event of changes to the scope of our business.

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