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RIS 100 Navigation Radar Intercept System

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The RIS 100 system is a Radar Electronic Support Measures (R-ESM) receiver that covers the International Telecommunications Union radar bands allocated to marine radar at S-band (RIS 100S) and/or X-band (RIS 100X). The system provides a bearing line, or “strobe”, from the receiver location in the direction of any vessel at sea that is operating navigation radar in the defined frequency bands.

The accuracies delivered by the sensor allow for correlation between RIS 100 strobes, Automatic Information System (AIS) reports and, if available, radar tracks to identify commercial shipping that has not activated its AIS transmitters.

When correlated with radar reports, the strobes provided by RIS 100 may confirm a vessel's presence if the radar detection reports are marginal due to, for instance, bad weather conditions compromising the radar’s detection capability.

The accuracy of the strobes combined with the accuracy of frequency measurement allow multiple sensors with common sea coverage to unambiguously triangulate the location of vessels without AIS.

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