Perimeter Intrusion Monitoring System

Protection Beyond Fences

PIMS Sensor Station Close up view

The Perimeter Intrusion Monitoring System or "PIMS" integrates traditional technologies used for asset protection, such as cameras, with ground surveillance radar technology. The addition of radar not only provides the benefit of persistent surveillance of large areas, but also includes other attributes such as all-weather, day/night performance. The PIMS solution provides geo-referenced intruder position reporting and -tracking that allows for automatic alarming, queuing of PTZ cameras and activation of deterrents thus enhancing security personnel's ability to respond.

PIMS Solution Attributes

  • Application in perimeter, area or portal protection
  • Persistent monitoring of intruder movement
  • Reduction in required CCTV cameras compared to a non-PIMS solution
  • Ability to interface to legacy security systems, including legacy static-and/or Pan-Tilt-Zoom CCTV cameras
  • Scalable application through overlapped daisy-chaining of multiple sensors

PIMS Features

Radar Sensor Characteristics

  • Mast-mounted sector-based coverage
  • Staring array without moving parts
  • High performance in rain, mist, fog, snow, day and night
  • Very low radiated power for safe operation
  • Transmit Frequency: 10 – 10.6 GHz
  • Operates in temperatures: -30°C to +65°C

PIMS solution offers

  • Sensor to Control HMI Interface: Ethernet (including Power over Ethernet )
  • Intruder Data
    • Real Time Tracks
    • GPS coordinates of tracks
  • Sensor Status reporting
  • Rugged / Waterproof: IP67 compliant

Operator Console Features

  • Intuitive User Interface enables remote – and offsite monitoring
  • Modes:
    • Admin mode: Setting of system configuration and operator freedom
    • Operator mode: Utilisation of PIMS and dedicated configuration (within freedom constraints)
    • Designations to Pan-Tilt-Zoom cameras
    • Operational options to configure exclusion-, warning-, or prohibited zones
    • Indication of zone-specific violations
  • Display of intruder tracks within coverage sector per zone
  • Display of integrated camera video (if applicable)
  • Google based geographic satellite imagery layer aids operator in intruder location within zone
  • Display sensors Built-In-Test status
PIMS HMI Display Example
PIMS HMI Display Example


  • Solar powered mast mounted equipment (radars, cameras, wifi) operation
  • Wi-Fi data interface
  • Video and alarm log recording and playback
  • 360° coverage using 3 to 4 sensors
  • Remote activated acoustic deterrent devices
  • Remote activated optronic deterrent devices

Radar Sensor Characteristics

Commercial RF Sensor Family C20 C40 C550
Detection Range (Pedestrian Walking) * 130m 350m 850m
Detection Range (Vehicle) * 350m 500m 1500m
Coverage Area * 16 000m2 80 000m2 560 000m2
Weight 0.7kg 0.7kg 1.6kg
Effective Field of View (Horizontal) * 120° 90° 90°
Effective Field of View (Vertical) * 20° 20° 20°
Measurement Accuracy (Range) 1m RMS 3m RMS 3m RMS
Measurement Accuracy (Azimuth) 3° RMS 3° RMS 3° RMS

* Without Line of Sight restriction


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