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Innovative Solutions

In the highly competitive world of electronics today, innovation is the key to success. In order to supply state of the art solutions on a systems level, new technologies must be continually mastered, before they are required in final products. The components that result from this drive are also products in their own right and can be used as building blocks by other system suppliers.

Stellenbosch Facilities

The facilities at Stellenbosch provide the backbone of R&D at Reutech. These are augmented by strong interaction with local universities, especially the Universities of Stellenbosch and Cape Town. Reutech and the nearby Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering of the University of Stellenbosch have joined forces to establish a microwave laboratory with state of the art equipment for precise microwave measurements.

Radar Technologies

A modern radar system utilises an extraordinarily wide range of technologies. Robust mechanical structures are needed to house and protect the system and sophisticated management of shock, vibration and other environmental factors is required. High precision electro-mechanical systems requiring a marriage of mechanical, electrical and power electronic subsystems point and stabilise the antenna. The antenna itself and the microwave and RF electronics that form the heart of the system require sophisticated design techniques.

The signal processors that extract information from the received signals are reliant on the latest digital technologies to attain the high processing speeds required to meet ever-increasing client requirements. Since a radar system is typically part of a larger combat system, electromagnetic compatibility is critically important.

Extensive Technology Base

Reutech has established an extensive technology base to support the development, manufacture and maintenance of a wide range of radar sub-systems, including positioners, shock absorbers, antennas, microwave passive components, solid state RF power amplifiers, radar transceivers, frequency synthesisers, signal processors and display systems.

Reutech’s R&D ability allows the Company to also solve a variety of design problems outside the traditional radar domain.
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