Mining Solutions

Slope Stability:

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An effective slope stability management programme improves safety and increases productivity through the real time monitoring of rock slope behavior. The MSR powered by MSR Connect offers a slope stability monitoring solution so advanced that there’s nothing quite like it.


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Our goal is to make your operation as safe and productive as possible. So we design innovative radar products that solve complex problems in simple ways. This passion drives our desire to think outside of the box; to rethink old problems and reimagine new solutions. It has led us to the SSP, a product that improves underground mining productivity and safety in a revolutionary simple way.


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High performance ground surveillance radar technology guarantees around the clock persistent surveillance, regardless of weather conditions. With unrivalled efficiency and accuracy, the scalable Perimeter Intrusion Monitoring System (PIMS) offers pedestrian detection ranges of 1200m and vehicle detection ranges of up to 1500m over wide areas.
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