Defence Solutions

Air Defence:

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High target position measurement accuracy and target reporting rates are essential for the effective control of weapons such as surface to air missiles. The RSR 320 Dual Band Radar is a high mobility and rapid deployment system providing class-leading performance thereby ensuring maximum surveillance and target engagement efficacy.

Maritime Defence:

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Whether applied as a main combat radar on smaller naval vessels or as a supplementary radar aboard larger warships, the RSR 210N Naval Air/Sea Surveillance Radar provides a compact high accuracy sensor for general surveillance, ship self-defence, helicopter control and surface bombardment gun-fire support. The radar is also able to provide target designation to fire control sensors such as the RTS 3200 FMCW Optronics Radar Tracker which in turn is able, through radar and optronics sensors, to track targets for guns and missiles against air and sea surface threats.

Vehicle Self Protection:

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The threat of the ubiquitous Rocket Propelled Grenade (RPG) against soft-skin Armoured Personnel Carriers is well known. The RSR 150 3D Vehicle Protection Radar Sensor is a high accuracy sensor able to detect and track small high speed projectiles from sniper rounds through to RPG’s with high probability of detection and low false alarm rates as input to a broader vehicle Active Protection System (APS).

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