Security Solutions

Coastal Security:

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Protection of coastal waters against illegal activities is essential for the maintenance of economic security and sovereign integrity. Reutech is able to offer active and passive sensors that contribute to authorities’ awareness of maritime movements within their territorial and economic maritime zones. Whilst the RSR 906 Coastal Surveillance Radar provides superior detection of maritime vessels under adverse sea state and weather conditions, the RIS 100 Radar Intercept System is able to detect the presence and direction of vessels based on detection of their navigation radar transmissions.

Land Border Security:

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Integrity of a country’s landward borders needs to be maintained through prevention of infiltration if economic security is to be guaranteed. Long borders with poor physical barriers against entry and limited manpower dictate the use of advanced technology to assist border protection agencies. Reutech’s RSR 904 Ground Surveillance Radar is ideally suited to provide the force multiplication needed by border agencies and game park security forces through persistent wide area ground surveillance.

Air Border Security:

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Whether for mission-orientated or persistent coverage of a country’s air border in networked or stand-alone configuration, in fixed or mobile configuration, Reutech’s RSR 906 Air Surveillance Radar offers cost-effective gap-filler coverage to augment conventional long range radar.

Maritime Constabulary Operations:

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In scenarios where naval as well as fisheries inspection vessels have a constabulary role in prosecution of illegal activities, whether it be smuggling or illegal fishing, detection of illegal vessels at sea becomes a challenge. Reutech’s RIS 100 Radar Intercept System is able to determine the presence of a vessel through detection and direction finding of signal transmitted from an unidentified ship’s navigation radar. When combined with Automatic Identification System (AIS) reports, information can be obtained to assist in pursuit operations.

Facility Protection:

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Perimeter surveillance of secure facilities using Closed Circuit Television Cameras (CCTV) augmented with radar greatly improves monitoring of areas immediately adjacent to the fence line through the wide area coverage that radar inherently provides. Efficacy of operation through high probability of detection and minimising of nuisance alarms is offered through the use of the Perimeter Intrusion Monitoring Systems (PIMS) Wide Area Surveillance System that uses radar for detection and tracking, and optical systems for target classification.

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