DBRXL (RSR 320) slider
Reutech Radar Systems has developed a 3-dimensional ground-based dual-band radar technology demonstrator which delivers world-leading performance in missile fire control applications.
RTS 6400
RTS 6400 slider
The RTS 6400 is a 60 km instrumented-range monopulse X-band combined radar and optronics tracking system using a wide-band, high stability Travelling Wave Tube AmplIfier (TWTA) and advanced Doppler signal processing.
ETS 2400
ETS 2400 slider
The ETS 2400 combined optronic and radar tracking system was designed for land-based anti-aircraft artillery and missile applications.
EDR 120
EDR 120 slider
The EDR 120 system is a 30 km range 2D L-band solid-state Designation Radar designed to provide designation data to a fire directing system in a layered air defence scenario.
ESR 3xx product range
ESR 3xx product range slider
The ESR 3xx range is a family of coherent 3D medium and long-range solid-state L-band surveillance and air defence radars. All products in this range use planar array antennas to form a number of spatially encoded beams in order to extract height information in real time.
Subsystems slider
The company has developed technology in support of its products that is focused in the digital, radio-frequency, antenna, electro-mechanical and software environments. Sub-systems derived from this technology have evolved into products in their own right that are targeted at international markets requiring industrial participation with South Africa.
Set Top Boxes
Set Top Boxes Slider
Reutech offers several digital product options, which can be customised to suit different requirements and markets.
Solar Trackers and Mounting
Solar Trackers and Mounting slider
Design of optimised mechanical structures for customised client requirements, wind loading analysis, stress and deformation analysis, environmental conditions and field assembly & maintenance. Fixed mountings for Photo Voltaic (PV).
Mobile Hybrid Power Plant
Mobile Hybrid Power Plant slider
The new and innovative mobile hybrid power plant is the ideal power solution for varied equipment needs.
SALT slider
The Southern African Large Telescope (SALT) is a multinational project that constructed the largest single optical astronomical telescope in the Southern Hemisphere. Reutech was responsible for the design, manufacture, installation and commissining of the following high precision telescope mechanical and control systems.
Self Powered Container (SPC 100)
Self Powered Container (SPC 100) slider
The Self Powered Container (SPC) is a multi-purpose, fully customisable, insulated container unit used in cases where sensitive instruments need to be protected against the elements in areas where grid electricity supply is unavailable or unreliable.
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