RRS Introduces New Generation Naval Radar

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Stellenbosch-based Reutech Radar Systems, the South African Radar systems manufacturer has announced the RSR 210N, a new innovative lightweight X band Naval Air/Sea Surveillance Radar system.

The RSR 210N is aimed at the Naval and Para-military smaller vessel market, where the requirement exists for a light-weight air/sea surveillance radar able to provide fire support and is capable of operating as a stand-alone sensor, or integrated into a combat management system.  The market survey further identified the need for a radar in support of the larger vessel combat radars, providing a close-in surveillance capability.

On helicopter-equipped vessels, the RSR 210N also provides support for helicopter guidance during landing in high seas and adverse weather conditions. The increased focus on border surveillance and protection at sea, including smuggling, further intensifies the demand for improved surveillance tools for smaller vessels.

The product is an innovative adaptation of technology developed for the RTS 6400 radar tracker currently entering service with the SA Navy aboard the four new Patrol Corvettes. The benefits of this adaptation are the creation of access to the relatively higher volume surveillance radar market, as well as offering reduced time to market and lower development risks.

The product also draws on core competencies in the field of Radar signal processing and precision electro-mechanical systems. Examples of this are the RRP 200 software signal processor currently in service with a European coastguard, and the stabilised platform developed for the German Navy K130 corvette program.

The RTS 6400 – Optronics Radar Tracker, RRP 200N and K 130 stabilised platforms are uniquely South African products and all research, development and production were carried out by RRS in conjunction with the SA Navy, Armscor and associated South African Industry Partners.
Initial presentations to a number of European navies have confirmed the considerable export potential of the product.

The RSR 210N was introduced to the SA Navy and other interested parties at functions in Pretoria and Simonstown.

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