RRS launches new MSR 200 series

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RRS is pleased to announce the international launch of the MSR 200. This product is an upgraded version of the MSR 100.

The release of the new product comes as the result of ongoing field trials and interactive analysis of customer needs in the mining industry.

Some of the major improvements include the following:

  • The shortcomings of using video equipment (which is not suitable for a 24 hour operation) have been overcome. This is achieved with the introduction of a fully integrated Total Station – a surveying instrument that allows for the accurate integration of slope stability and surveying information with existing mining tools.
  • The Total Station is combined with a high accuracy radar system, capable of operation in wind speeds of up to 60 km/h. The 3D radar picture is used to generate a high-resolution synthetic map – allowing user defined pixel sizes as small as 3.9m x 3.9m at a standoff distance of 900m.
  • The high-resolution synthetic map allows improved slope movement analysis and alarm functionality – all of which are incorporated in MSR 200.

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