• ESR 220 Thutlwa - L-band 2D surveillance radar

    ESR 220 Thutlwa - L-band 2D surveillance radar

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ESR 220 Thutlwa

L-band 2D surveillance radar

The ESR 220 system is a highly mobile solid state L-band 2D surveillance radar designed to provide early warning to mechanised troops in the battlefield. It is a fully autonomous armoured system with self-contained power plant packaged on a single vehicle, and is capable of being fully operational within 10 minutes of arrival at the deployment site.

The system also provides for a combined air picture derived from primary radar and IFF, as well as a Command and Control system for effective Air Defence Control operation.

A number of ESR 220's have been delivered to the South African Army. The high mobility nature of the system, which is transported on an all-terrain 8x8 transporter, coupled to the battlefield-specific local warning sensor design, make the system a pivotal element of the South African Army Ground-based Air Defence System.

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